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Image by Jess Bailey

Here at Jacqui's Unique Designs I want to bring in another element of what I love. Crafting with the littles!

I've been working in the Early Childcare industry for many years. I then became a nanny in 2009 while doing my art on the side and bringing in fun art  projects for the children to enjoy during their week with me. 


I have workshops that I offer to children in the surrounding areas, and would love to bring some of the crafts I do with them to you as well!

Children need to be able to create in their own way. I want to share fun, easy and  inspirational arts and craft ideas that you can enjoy with your children throughout the year. Fun projects that you can assist with while supporting the childrens creative minds and let them take the lead!  

I’m passionate about providing child centred crafts to promote self expression, self esteem and creativity through art. 

As a childcare provider myself, I aim to share inspiring ideas that  are fun and easy for my fellow nanny friends, childcare professionals, educationalists and of course to all the busy parents out there!

I want this to be a hands on experience that is exciting and fun for both the children you!

Now lets get crafty and create!! 

Please feel free to share your photos with me by tagging @jacquisuniquedesigns on Instagram, or commenting on the blog post!!

Have fun!

Let's Create!

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